Eclectic Eccentricity

Jewellery c/o EE

I'd heard of Eclectic Eccentricity before as my friend had photographed their past collections. It's so lovely to find a local jewellery company that is based where I live and who are doing so well! You can see why with these beautiful pieces above!

These necklaces are all on gold plated chains ranging from 18-24 karat gold, and the fox ring is plated in 22 karat gold. I love this rich colour it creates, much like the chinese gold jewellery I own myself <3

Their jewellery is so pretty, a twist on a vintage feel, the dinosaur necklace I squealed at, I love dinosaurs and it's just so perfect! If you don't like a Triceratops there's always a Brontosaurus ^_^

Which is your favourite item?

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  1. They are such lovely pieces.
    I think the fox ring is my favourite!


  2. omg these are amazing! Going to go check them out now :)

    I love the amber-ish necklace! its all lovely really!

  3. I love the fox ring and the Triceratops necklace, I love the website but I'm yet to purchase anything from them!
    Roshni’s Journey

  4. OMGOSH i am in love! x

  5. Wonderful!! I love the dinosaur necklace and the fox ring.

  6. These are absolutely beautiful! So luxurious

    Renate from

  7. This jewellery is so beautiful, especially that necklace!x

  8. love the two necklaces want it now!