Tea c/o Fruiteatox

After speaking to my good friend Lydia about detox teas, I had changed my original thoughts about them and was keen to try them for myself.

I'd seen all the hype over Instagram from all different brands, claiming to help with bloating, weight loss and all kinds of things. The idea of weight loss always put me off them, I by no means wish to lose any weight, I'm tiny enough naturally as it is. But speaking to Lydia I realised these teas won't make you lose weight, perhaps along side the right life style, working out, eating well and actually doing other things to lose weight. But just drinking a tea won't really do that. I'd heard also a lot of these teas don't even taste nice! 

I was approached by Fruiteatox, finally a brand who isn't pushing slimming in their brand name! I checked their reviews on their site and so many people had said great things and spoke about how nice they tasted. I made clear I was only to talk about their product after trialling it for myself.

So I've done the 14 day teatox and I really enjoyed the teas. I even asked Lydia if detox teas were something you could drink all the time as I especially liked the Lemon morning tea. I thought best to ask someone who knows these things, she said they aren't something to be drinking everyday all the time.

So every morning I made myself the lemon tea, I really really like lemon anyway and never had even thought about it as a tea. I actually looked forward to having it in the morning and making sure I had it each day with the orange tea in the evening was also making me drink more fluids, something I keep meaning to improve on.

I noticed through the day, especially whilst at work, I had more energy, could concentrate more and didn't feel lethargic as the day went on.

The orange tea you have every other evening, this doesn't smell the best I have to admit, but it doesn't taste too bad. It's nice and relaxing as it also has camomile in.

So my thoughts, as I mentioned before there was no difference in my weight, I personally do not have any problem with bloating (although I use to, turns out I should just avoid onion and now I'm fine) so noticed no change there. I did find I had more energy and my skin was great during this too.

So if you are looking for a little pick me up, and one which tastes lovely, then why not try Fruiteatox.

Have you ever tried a detox tea? 

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  1. I really want to try a tea detox. This doesn't sound as bad as the other ones I've heard about x

  2. I really want to try some kind of detox, but tea was not very appealing because, as you said, the taste isn't always the best... But this one sounds better!

  3. I've already got my 14 day teatox at the ready to start and I can't wait to try it! I've been a bit sceptical too but there's so many amazing reviews towards this brand that I couldn't not try it! X

  4. I love herbal teas so I shall be definitely be checking this out,
    One I have been loving is Jamaican Cerrasse tea honestly it takes away all of my aches pains even the ones that happen once a month if you catch my drift haha

  5. I've never tried teatox and don't really drink hot drinks, but it sounds great. I love lemon ice tea :)

    Emma at

  6. This tea sounds good! I love herbal teas.
    Currently doing the tiny tea: teatox which I will be reviewing on my blog soon :)

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    1. i have been playing with the idea of trying a teatox, and this one sounds really nice, i need somthing that helps me feel more energized and just gets flueds in me, but i dont necessarly want to loose weight.
      this review is maken me play with the idea even more!
      xx ish
      Tiny Heart Beats

  8. Anything with the word "detox" in it terrifies me, but maybe I'll give it a go!

  9. I really don't know about these, it seems to be "the cool thing to drink" at this time like fruit-water-in-a-jar this summer. The fact is, I don't get the difference between this and a green tea (which is good for skin, weight and all this stuff too, along with a healthy lifestyle). But I think I can try to reconsider it as you changed your mind after trying them for 14days. Those ones look tasty, but is there any laxative effect ? Was your skin better even after the cure ? Thanks :)

  10. I agree with you. Thank you for sharing the update. It is interesting to have it discussed widely, so that we can gain more objective opinions.
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